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Ways for married women to get to the erotic chat

Ways for married women to get to the erotic chat

Ok, I'm going to tell you... This is how this chat adventure started, even though I'm married.
I met him in the least expected way. At first, the intention was just to do a test, an investigation, as I decided to call it.
I didn't feel good at all. By that time, my life had started to fall apart under my feet without me knowing what to do. The chaotic scenes around me passed before my eyes in horror, leaving me motionless, aimless, like those cities that have gone through the devastation of a senseless war. Thus, in an act of almost desperation to try to understand why some things happen, my destiny stumbled upon it... I confess that sometimes I like to think that it was our destiny to meet, among the twists and turns of each reality. My bullshit.


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There I was, with my poor image dragged along the floor, looking for a way out of that awful confusion. Tormented, in a distressing whirlwind, giving "drowning slaps". But falling was not an option; it was undone on the inside... on the outside, intact.
I think that, as a desperate attempt to do "something" to get me out of that place where I was, the funny anecdotes of one of my friends came to mind; friends that only a few of us in this world can ever find, she knew how to survive a situation partly similar to mine, escaping virtually.
She used to enter the Internet chat rooms from time to time, which I must say, always seemed to be a capital stupidity... Who could do this besides my crazy friend? Yes, just me.
Intuitively, I searched on the sly, like a child who is aware of the fault to be committed. It wasn't difficult after all, it seems that there are many more desperate people out there, or simply bored, looking for some adventure that will transform the everyday into something less routine; others too, may be looking for some comfort or crumbs of affection... what do I know!
I was already there, in a maelstrom of mindless chatting with a handful of strangers. By God!! I was right... what stupidity! it was proven.

Yes, just me. Intuitively, I searched on the sly, like a child who is aware of the fault to be committed.

The conversations were so banal, vulgar, irrelevant to the extreme... "what am I doing here?" the phrase sounded like a mantra inside me, to which I replied, "you are investigating the primitive behavior of the male gender". Deep down, I was trying to understand why my husband had been able to cheat on me with another woman, while I thought we had the ideal family, with dog and cat included.
I was already discouraged with so much triviality when he said the blessed word that led me to stay there a while longer: HOLA...
Yes, in him that word has a thousand meanings, of course at that time I did not know it yet, but I have intuition.
The conversation flowed, it just made sense. After the "hello" a couple more words were enough to continue giving credit to my intuition and I thought I had found someone different. I had a good vibe, according to my sixth sense; I decided to give myself the chance to know a little more about this, until then, enigmatic man.
That was the beginning, we talked for a short time by chat, a few minutes I would say. I remember that he told me that he had just come from riding a bike (yes... a piece of cake, but that gave me the idea that I could have a more interesting dialogue, and get rid of all those sticky things that only knew how to ask what I was wearing, what measurements I had, what my little tanguita looked like or things like that made me furious! But at least they made me come out of my shadows for a little while, even if it was just because they were stupid). ) He immediately asked me if I was interested in chatting outside that virtual room. I thought about it for a moment, I had no experience in these things, I could be talking to a maniac, a depraved, a delinquent... or simply to him (the interesting enigmatic... haha). My bet was good, and for a week, we used an email account to communicate.
There was something about this man that made him very interesting, although at times my patience was strained with some outings that clearly made me very uncomfortable. I refer, for example, to the concrete fact of being surprised with a couple of pornographic images that described some of his attributes. My first reaction? I almost sent him to the most remote place with pure insults, but it's not my style... after the impact, I thought, "it must be the codes he handles", after all, I didn't know anything about him and I didn't have to take it personally, in any case, it was like that. I had the possibility to follow it or not. And I followed...
I think he gave some thought before sending his "illustrations", it seems to me that something must have hesitated to share them with me. I am sure that he found me a rarity. Even though he sent them (I suppose his big ego made him unable to bear the temptation to provoke me), I was surprised (by his action, I don't think he would have been able to do it).