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Hair curling features

1. Features of hair curling

Women who have naturally straight hair today resort to perm.The curls fit the face of any shape, give the features a certain softness and femininity.Modern technologies allow you to make curls of different sizes: from small curls to large curls and separately curled strands.Girls with large facial features can do both small and large curls.For small lines, it is better to make large curls.
Now such a perm can be applied to dyed and damaged hair.Perms don't do as much damage to your hair as they used to.In addition, you can curl not the entire mass of hair, but only the upper strands, which will make the hairstyle more magnificent.The curler now contains airy foam and silk protein, which does not weigh down the hair and makes it look beautiful.
You can change the shape of your hair only in the salon with specialists.Only a professional will be able to correctly select and use the necessary preparations and study their effect on a particular type of hair.A qualified technician will select curling agents depending on the condition of the hair.Firms produce various types of hair curling products: there are preparations for weak, colored, brittle hair.
But even the best quality products will not prevent hair structure from changing after a perm.Strands after this procedure become thin, dry and brittle, grow slowly.Therefore, it is important to enhance the care of hair after curling, additionally moisturize and nourish them.After curling, use a mild shampoo and conditioner, and reduce the use of hair dryers and hair styling products.It is also important to make nourishing masks from natural ingredients.
Oily hair can be permed more often than dry hair.Do not use curling preparations and hair dye at the same time.Combining these treatments will make your hair brittle and brittle.Before curling, you need to restore the structure of the hair, get rid of the split ends.It is best to make a stylish haircut before this procedure, moisturize your hair with a regular cream, rinse it and make a mask of sour cream or eggs and honey.After washing, it is better to dry the mane naturally.You need to repeat these steps for several weeks before curling.This will restore the structure of the hair and make it stronger.
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